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2020 Resurrection Auto Spa, Anchorage, AK 



Resurrection Auto Spa was voted one of the best auto detailing shops in Alaska. We know just how important your car is to you and we take pride in bringing you vehicle back to like new condition every time. Our detailers are  highly trained and take pride in the quality of work they produce. Detailing is a fantastic way to ensure you maintain the value of your vehicle. The average American puts 12,000 miles on their vehicle every year. Now being in Alaska we are a little special when it comes to our road conditions. We all know that we have that dreaded construction season that leaves our cars covered in road tar and road paint every year. Then we have the winter, where they use those awful chemicals that leave a film on your vehicle. Well we are here to help you maintain your vehicle and remove all the road grime, tar, and road film. By having your vehicle detailed every 6k miles or 6 months which ever comes first, you are preserving your vehicles value. Also by keeping up on your vehicles appearance you are saving money. This is due to the fact that when we have vehicles that are not maintained and come in and haven't been detailed in years, we have to charge a premium price in order to bring that car back to like new condition. However, if you maintain your vehicles appearance by having it detailed every 6 months you can avoid those huge detailing bills and have a clean vehicle all the time. 

When you buy a new vehicle, the feeling you get is amazing. Driving home a brand new car just gives you that confidence, like you could conquer the world. Well our goal here at Resurrection Auto Spa is to recreate that feeling every time you pick up your car. When you leave us you will feel that new care feeling every time guaranteed.